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Our vision is to bring comfort and style in the homes of our valued customers.

Furniture Manufacturing Company in Sharjah


Our vision is to bring comfort and style in the homes of our valued customers.


Our dedicated team of professionals is committed in delivering the latest designs with the highest quality of finishing tailored made in a timely manner. We strive on developing a lasting relationship with our customers based on trust and respect.


Established in the year 1996, Al Obera Curtains, Decor & Upholstery experience and background in the market. Al Obera is the best furniture manufacturing company in Sharjah specializing in the supply and installation of Curtains, Wallpaper, Flooring, Upholstery, Custom Furniture, Gypsum and Decor work. Al Obera has in-house manufacturing, supply and installation team; qualified professional with many years of experience. Qualitative products, timely execution and highly dependable services are integral in leading us to execute countless projects in the United Arab Emirates.

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Home Furniture Solution in Dubai


Al Obera offers complete home furniture solution with furniture designs that are innovative, keeping in step with the global furniture trends.


Al Obera welcomes you to extensive and exclusive range of fabrics, sheers, styles and designs which enable you to furnish your interior in such way that match your personalized ideas.

Sofa Upholstery

At World of Curtains, we are proud to be a leading Upholstery manufacturing company in Dubai. Our specialty is making stylish and comfortable fabric and leather sofas that complete your living room.


Style, class, quality and performance are the main words to describe our line of bamboo woven blinds.

Home Furniture Solution in Dubai


Making the world a more beautiful place through outstanding custom and stocked carpet solutions for Commercial and Residential use.


Wallpaper is a classic design tool. You can use our beautiful wallpapers for almost any project: bathrooms, bedrooms, stairs & kitchens.


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