Top Modern Flooring Ideas to Try in 2024 in Dubai

Top Modern Flooring Ideas to Try in 2024 in Dubai

While building your dream home, if you are looking for the best flooring services in Dubai, we have found the right answer to your precious questions, which is none other than Al Obra. We have been the market leader for decades, renowned for providing high-quality and particularly budget-friendly modern flooring ideas.

We provide you with different trends and types of flooring that you can choose from. With us, you are assured of getting the different types of flooring that will become an attractive element in your precious spaces.

Advantages of Flooring Installation in Dubai

There are numerous advantages of flooring installation in Dubai that will convince you to opt for it. For simplicity, we will divide these wonderful benefits into two main aspects, aesthetic benefits and practical benefits.

1- Aesthetic benefits

It is a clear fact that high-quality flooring makes the overall look of all kinds of professional and domestic spaces exceptionally attractive. They beautifully decorate the whole scene of the decoration theme in your place and create a beautiful feeling.

High-quality and beautiful flooring significantly increases the value of your home, which in turn attracts the attention of many buyers. It harmonizes with the rest of the decorative theme and gives it a big boost. Thus, it will be an aesthetic addition to your valuable property and the perfect source of your aesthetic satisfaction.

2- Practical advantages

As far as practical benefits are concerned, flooring installation in Dubai is also highly beneficial. Floor cleaning is usually fairly easy and requires minimal maintenance, so it’s a sensible choice.

This is the most economical flooring and has commendable durability and longevity. Once you have it installed, you will never have to worry about maintaining the floor.

A good and strong floor will provide you with better air quality and health protection. Choose non-toxic, luxurious, and modern flooring for your homes and offices, and you’ll have a healthier lifestyle later on.

Additionally, you don’t have to worry about the durability of the flooring. Because of its sturdy construction, its color and design will not fade for years.

In addition, it also provides effective absorption of unpleasant elements such as moisture, heat, or sound. Thus, it will be very beneficial for the safety of the elderly and children, as it helps prevent any slipping or unwanted accidents. This structural support will be extremely useful to provide acoustics with a perfect surface finish.

Investing in flooring installation in Dubai is more beneficial than carpeting, in terms of durability, attractiveness, and better real estate value.

Types of flooring in Dubai

We deal with different types of flooring, each with its own characteristics and beneficial value. From the best flooring services in Dubai, you can choose the one that suits your interior and budget. They will be installed instantly at your location.

1- Laminate flooring

It is a hybrid multi-layer synthetic floor that is manufactured using a combination of particle board wood topped and lamination processes, consisting of a photographically applied layer and a clear protective layer.

2- Laminate parquet flooring

This popular type of flooring is similar to laminate and is just as strong and durable. However, its construction includes real wood. Its geometric mosaic is made up of wooden pieces that create a beautiful decorative effect.

3- Luxury vinyl flooring

This highly durable and waterproof flooring is made of multiple layers and looks like wood or stone. It is easy to maintain and looks the most beautiful.

4- Anti-static flooring

Anti-static flooring effectively captures all charges and transports them to ground level before any reaction occurs. It is ideal for installation in industrial areas.

5- Gym flooring

 Rubber flooring in Dubai is an excellent choice for the gym because it has effective shock absorption properties. It is resistant to accidental dropping of any weight.

6- Hospital flooring

Sheet vinyl flooring is commonly used in hospitals and health care clinics. It is easy to clean and easy to maintain.

7- Waterproof Flooring Outdoor

Traditional wood decking is one of the best outdoor durable waterproof flooring options. Your patios, backyards, front yards, balconies, and porches will look great after installation.

8- PVC flooring

PVC flooring is a very useful and versatile flooring choice. It is moisture resistant and thus completely non-slip, safe for all.

9- EPDM flooring

This synthetic rubber protective flooring is ideal for use in playgrounds. It absorbs noise and lasts longer.

10- Herringbone vinyl flooring

It is very practical and affordable. Its sturdy construction can withstand heavy traffic.

Get the best flooring services in Dubai from Al Obera. Apart from the types mentioned above, our best flooring services in Dubai include waterproof, antibacterial, anti-static vinyl, anti-static PVC, anti-slip, herringbone wood, herringbone semi-solid wood, granite, children’s, terrazzo vinyl., and kitchen vinyl flooring.

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